The Quality Control team in ASESANAT make sure that everything from raw materials to finished products meet the quality and safety standards specified in the purchasing documentation. All production processes, whether large or small, requires elements of quality control and all inspection and testing is carried out to specified requirements that have been agreed between the purchaser and the supplier.

The main structure of inspection steps, duty of each inspection parties, and extent of test, inspection procedure and acceptance criteria are specified in a document named “Inspection & Test Plan (ITP)”. Each project has its own ITP which is approved by all responsible parties during “Pre-Inspection meeting (PIM)”. We provide detailed procedure for each inspection activity in accordance with project requirements for all projects.

Testing methods vary depending on the type of product they are working with. Quality Control inspectors keep records of all the tests they have carried out and prepare QC data book at the end of each project.

All welding machines and test instruments are periodically calibrated with respect to checklist. Different kinds of dimensional inspection instrument, Pressure gauges, Thermometer, psychomotor, kinds of weld inspection test instruments, Painting test devices, hardness test devices, Liquid Penetrant Test, Magnetic Particle Test are some of test methods and instruments which are used in ASE SANAT Co. Quality Control.

A variety of different tests such as Radiographic Test, Positive material Identification, Ferrite check are performed through sub-contracting.